Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Goes on Pre-Order in Europe, Costs 849

After the issuance date of the inauguration of the new product launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 many people are anxious to have these devices. But for your customers from the United States, of course you have to be patient to get this product, because this product will be launched on August 19. Meanwhile, for consumers who are in Europe then you have to be more patient waiting for this device, because this new phone will come in two weeks later after United States on September 2. Galaxy Note 7 Pre-Order in Europe will begin August 16.

Galaxy Note 7 Pre-Order in Europe

With many requests of people who have bought this product and not the patience to wait this product, so we were able to find some retailers in Germany have opened their campaigns for Samsung Note 7 pre-order. Most of them have set a price of 849 and the UK price has been set at £699, the price is very close to the price on the mainland.

galaxy note 7 pre-order in europe

In pre -order campaign, they certainly don??t offer you to be able to get other Samsung products for free or free of charge, but if you buy it officially at the launch of this Samsung product you might get other products. So we recommend for you to wait for the official Samsung store pre-order campaign launched in 10 days. They will probably offer you the VR gear, Gear Fit or at least some of the microSD card for free.

For European customers, the Galaxy Note 7 will come with 64-bit Octa core Samsung Exynos 8890 processor has a 4x 2.30GHz Mongoose M1+4x 1.60GHz Cortex-A53, Samsung ‘s own LTE Cat 12/Cat 13 modem and Mali-T880 GPU MP12. In addition, this phone has a large storage capacity. The phone also supports micro SD for extra storage on your phone. Galaxy Note 7 is also equipped with iris scanners and the feature has been certified IP68.

Samsung Note 7 is the first phone in the world that supports the Gorilla Glass 5. For those of you who don??t know about that before, Gorilla Glass 5 is a new glass protection device to protect your phone from accidental dropping as much as 80 percent of the time.

Many advantages that you will get from the Gorilla Glass 5. This glass can even protect your phone from drops in the asphalt of 1.6 meters . Unfortunately, this is not really a cheap mobile phone, but the Note series phones are always on the expensive side.