How to Setup and Use Iris Scanner on Galaxy Note 7

iris scanner on galaxy note 7Iris scanner is a new feature that launched by Samsung. This Iris Scanner on Galaxy Note 7 has become something that is most intriguing for Note 7 users. It is presented as a security option that is quick and convenient when users will open up access to the phone. It is very useful and easier for users when they are not able to use the fingerprint sensor to open the phone or if you have typed your PIN or password to open that.

Basically, Iris scanner technology on Note 7 utilizes the front camera to analyze the eyeballs when they will open the handset. It will prove that the right person is the owner of the mobile phone. In addition there is the infrared light on the front camera to take images with high contrast eye, especially on the part around the pupil and the retina.

To use Iris Scanner on Galaxy Note 7, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and choose Lock Screen and Security.
  2. The options will appear unlock the phone by making patterns, fingerprints and iris scanner.
  3. Tap iris scanner and follow the iris eye verification.
  4. Place the eyes about 25-30 cm in front of the phone screen. Save your eyes on the position the two circles on the displayed screen. Otherwise, the sensor will keep reading until the position of the fitting.

You should know that when you do this process, the eye should not be deterred by glasses or contact lenses, because it would deprive the eye scanning to recognize it.

note 7 iris scannerAfter you follow these steps correctly, then Iris scanner on Galaxy Note 7 have been able to use. Just simply by looking into the camera and position of your eyes in accordance with the two circles that will appear every time when we will open the phone. If we look from the side of safety, until now Irish scanner is the most secure because, iris pattern of everyone would not be the same even if they are identical twins. Iris technology scanners can only recognize eye life. So, this feature cant be fooled by placing a photo or drawing the eye in front of the sensor. In terms of functionality, Iris scanner be as security access options other than the use of fingerprint and password.

Features of fingerprint and password will still exist, but there are some user job who often make his hand becomes wet or soiled. When you need to swipe or type the number of course it becomes a bother. So with this feature, you will quickly open to the phone. Not only used as mobile security, this security features also allow you to sign in into the web, open the folder containing the file personal or Samsung (Samsung Pay service) . This additional function can be set via the settings when you set up iris scanner on your Galaxy Note 7.