AT&T Galaxy Note 7 Ready on August 19, free Gear S2 Included

For those of you who have been a loyal customer of Samsung, it looks like you are looking forward the launch of Samsung’s latest products which would otherwise be released in August. This AT&T Galaxy Note 7 will certainly be very attractive to many people because Samsung will further improve the quality of its products to more faithfully provide satisfaction for its customers and also to further facilitate for everyone.

AT&T Galaxy Note 7 Release Date and Availability

As has been mentioned by Samsung, the newest product of Galaxy Note 7 will be released in August and finally AT&T has launched the sale of these products precisely on August 19. But prior to the commencement date of the sale, the carrier will start taking pre-order for handsets start on August 3rd.

att galaxy note 7

In addition to the launch of the AT&T Galaxy Note 7, for those of you who are interested to buying this smartphone you can also get free gear S2, it was so amazing right? But if you are not interested with Gear S2, you can also get the Galaxy Tab E at a price of $ 0.99.

Why only with these products? Because AT&T noted that both devices are compatible with NumberSync, so you can pair with either device Gear S2 or Galaxy Tab E with your main phone number on the Galaxy Note 7.

At the launch of its newest product, this time Samsung provides so many benefits and promo at prices that are cheaper for you. Samsung offers a promo that was quite interesting. If you buy a AT&T Galaxy Note 7 by using the AT&T credit, you can get the second units at a price of $ 695. For some people from buyers Galaxy Note 7 will have a better choice than free, but AT&T fans should do best with what they get.

This handset will be available for purchase both in stores and on the official website of AT&T.